Business flats in Rovereto
Our flats are just a few minutes from the production and research hubs of Rovereto and Vallagarina. An ideal base for eliminating time wasting and stress.

In the immediate vicinity are two important industrial poles, the Mechatronics Pole and Progetto Manifattura, dedicated to research and technological and green innovation that attract researchers and new business ideas every year.


Mechatronics Hub

1 minute by car, 5 minutes by bicycle

The Mechatronics Hub aims to be a common space where innovative and more efficient products and processes can be produced, researched and tested thanks to the interaction between information technology, electronics and mechanics. In a word: mechatronics.

  • 17 thousand square metres of modular production space
  • 70 thousand square metres available for new settlements
  • two vocational and technical schools
  • a degree course
  • an industrial accelerator
  • public and private research centres


Rovereto is one of the few examples in Italy of an industrial cluster where entrepreneurs, workers, researchers and students can grow by sharing an ideal ‘habitat’. A cluster that in Trentino sees the qualified presence of companies in the automotive sector, intelligent systems and robotics, sensor technology and industrial automation.

The Manifattura Project

1 minute by car, 3 minutes by bicycle

Progetto Manifattura is an industrial innovation centre that operates primarily in the fields of eco-sustainable construction, renewable energy, environmental technologies and natural resource management. Its aim is to foster the development of a production system specialised in environmental sustainability and cleantech, providing specialised services and opportunities for entrepreneurial growth. The project is characterised by the creation of a production hub on the themes of sustainability and environmental technologies – supplemented by research, training, technical assistance, and networking initiatives – and at the same time as a space for experimenting innovative solutions in terms of architecture, engineering, plant engineering, and energy